Population: 1,838
Width: 18 km
Length: 10 km

The movie "Ginger and Cinnamon" has been filmed in Ios as well as some scenes for "The Big Blue"

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Hostess Note

Dear Friends,

I look forward to meeting you and have the chance to offer you authentic Greek hospitality while you are enjoying your vacation in the peaceful and friendly environment that my family and I create with special care to every single detail. I guarantee that Avra Pension offers accommodation with all the necessary amenities, creating a feeling of unchallenged privacy and tranquility in a clean homey atmosphere that each and every one of us seeks for his or her stay, in order to escape routine problems and enjoy freely our island’s beauties. I can assure that during your stay at Avra Pension I intend to be always at your disposal individually, in order to deal with whatever comes up, awaiting you every single morning at the front yard of our hotel to offer you homemade breakfast that I personally prepare with local goods. Our aim and desire is nothing less than having all our guests satisfied when leaving, thanks to the room cleanliness and the amenities we offer, always combined with budget prices. It is this way we perceive homemade accommodation, here at Avra Pension, so as, sometime in the future, be glad enough to host you again, developing this way a personal friendship with you.      

I gladly look forward to offering you authentic Cycladic hospitality. And don’t forget!
Avra pension… it sleeps like home!

All the best,
Katerina Bouloumpasi